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  • Jul, 21 , 21

How To Make A Puzzle Mat?

Do you love to play jigsaw puzzles a lot? Do you think you are running low on space and need one to play all night long? Then, a jigsaw puzzle mat will make the best solution for you. From laying the puzzle mat on the floor to your dining room, a puzzle roll up mat might...

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  • Jul, 15 , 21

How Are Jigsaw Puzzles Made?

Jigsaw puzzles for adults are quite popular amongst the masses and their demand has surely risen in the pandemic period. Interest in jigsaw puzzles has surely heightened. And that has led most jigsaw puzzle games lover's thinking about how those precious and hot-selling pieces are made? So, here's how jigsaw...

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  • Jun, 28 , 21

How Long Does It Take To Solve A 1000 Piece Puzzle?

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the most interesting pastime activities with a unique recreational touch. Unwinding with a jigsaw puzzle is one of the greatest hobbies out there. All you have to do is focus on completing the puzzle pieces to soothe your inner child.    But have you ever wondered about how...

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  • Jun, 28 , 21

How To Make A Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Jigsaw puzzles have been a very dear part of everyone's childhood. Grown-up lives might have left such an entertaining mode far behind, but it is time to bring them back. Be it for an engaging solo time or a fun mood with family, friends, or kids, puzzles are ideal for...

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  • Jun, 25 , 21

Tips and Tricks: How to solve jigsaw puzzles fast?

Maybe your family like to have group fun by doing puzzles, and now your are heading home for holiday. And before this you may prepare you as a puzzle expert so that you would be worshiped by others. But if you are a new fan of jigsaw puzzles, or your...

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  • Jun, 21 , 21

What To Do With Jigsaw Puzzles When Finished?

As more people are walking on the path of social distancing amid the escalating pandemic scenario, many people have taken up some interesting hobbies to keep them hooked. One of the extremely popular ones being jigsaw puzzles. The feeling of relief and accomplishment we get on completing a big and complex...

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  • May, 26 , 21

How to Glue a Finished Jigsaw Puzzle?

What you need before you start A finished puzzle Puzzle glue A couple of foam boards or wax paper A cardboard or brush (to spread the glue)       Step 1 Apply a foam board, or wax paper or a large flat sheet under your puzzle, which effectively prevents...

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  • Jan, 13 , 21

Unique Puzzle Gifts Guide 2021

How do you take your spare time during quarantine? Maybe a puzzle gift is a good choice for you. In the past year, we taking more time at home than before. Now, winter is coming, we must spend more time indoors. We're looking for a nice puzzle to spend time...

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