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9 Surprising Ways Jigsaw Puzzles Can Be Great For Your Brain & Make You Smarter - jigsawdepot

9 Surprising Ways Jigsaw Puzzles Can Be Great For Your Brain & Make You Smarter

Jigsaw puzzles, as we all know, are a phenomenal way to make some lasting memories with friends and family. They make a great pastime activity. Not only do they help people to have a getaway from their smart screens, but also make perfect activities to slow down one’s daily routine if the need be. But do you know jigsaw puzzle games can make you smarter? Read on this article to find out some surprising ways in which puzzle games can make you smarter as well as some other benefits of them.

Jigsaw puzzles are certainly a great way to have a mental workout. From being the ultimate solo pastime to a rejuvenating family activity, a 500-piece or 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle use one common element, your brain’s true potential.

Invented in 1767 by the pioneer John Spilsbury, puzzles have been creating a buzz ever since. It seems like they have been a popular pastime since the beginning of time. They have been in existence in numerous shapes and forms. Whether it is their mention in the Bible as riddles or their introduction in China as the magic squares, the kinds of puzzles and their varieties seem to be endless.

But knowing the incredible benefits of playing jigsaw puzzles such as their ability to foster great cognitive and physical brain skills are quintessential. So, here are a few surprising ways in which they can be great for your brain and also make you smarter.

#1 Improves Memory
Puzzles go a long way in improving and strengthening the memory of their players. People looking forward to enhancing their short-term memory should definitely play puzzle games a lot more often. They have the power to reinforce connections between brain cells. This eventually speeds up the mind and leads to improvement in the memory of an individual. What a great way to improve one’s memory, right?

#2 Helps Exercise Both Brain Sides
Playing jigsaw puzzles often can surely make you smarter day by day. How? It is because while playing these puzzles the player actively uses both sides of the brain. While the right side of the brain brings on creativity and intuitiveness, the left side of the brain does methodical and practical thinking. All these skills are required to solve the puzzle.

#3 Enhances Problem Solving Skills
Jigsaw puzzles are all about solving them through trials and errors. There are innumerable ways in which you could solve the same puzzle. This leads to great improvement in problem-solving skills. Both adults and children can solve these puzzles for a whole-brain workout. It is one of the easiest and the most interesting ways to enhance one’s problem-solving skills.

#4 Improves Spatial & Visual Reasoning Skills
Solving puzzles can also help people improve their spatial and reasoning skills. These skills are quintessential in improving one’s motor or driving. Mainly because players will have to look at every single puzzle and their slightest details before coming up to a conclusion. However, for good results, the players will have to solve these puzzles on a regular basis.

#5 Enhances Mood
Another big brain benefit of jigsaw puzzles is that they can instantly enhance a person’s mood. They do so, by improving the dopamine production within an individual's body. Dopamine is basically a neurotransmitter that significantly improves one's memory, mood, and concentration. This neurotransmitter is released with every step of solving the puzzle. Now, we know why puzzle games are so much fun!

#6 Improves IQ Score
Puzzles not only improve our memory but also improve our reasoning and concentration skills. They also make a great way for improving and raising one’s IQ. Solving puzzle games for at least 25 minutes a day has shown great results in enhancing an individual’s IQ. So, if you have been planning to work on improving your IQ, now you know where to start. It is through solving puzzles!

#7 Lowers Stress Levels
No doubt puzzle games invigorate our brains, but it is not good to forget that they can be quite relaxing. While solving puzzles, one’s mind switches into meditative mode. This is because our brain is focused on completing only a single task. Such deep concentration in turn leads to improving one’s present mindset and helps the players lower their stress levels.

#8 Increases Productivity
Jigsaw puzzle games not only make its players reduce stress levels and feel happier but also increase their productivity. Players become intensely focused and concentrated. They skyrocket its player’s productivity and also resets their brain. After learning this fact, many offices and organizations have started included puzzle games in refreshment and resting areas. So, players can disconnect, get refreshed, and at the same time improve their productivity once they are back to work.

#9 Builds Collaboration & Team Work Skills
Another big reason why the popularity of jigsaw puzzles is gaining momentum in workplaces is because they build collaboration and teamwork skills amongst all co-workers. Once co-workers get habitual of solving the puzzles and accomplishing small achievements while solving them together, they end up improving their relationships with each other. This leads to better collaboration and teamwork amongst them in the future.

So, there you have it! Some surprising benefits of playing jigsaw puzzles to become smarter and their numerous health benefits. From preventing future illnesses to improving one’s ability to focus on the slightest details, there is a lot that an exciting puzzle can do for one person.

Now that you know how jigsaw puzzle game can make you smarter, we recommend you to have a look at these phenomenal jigsaw puzzles for adults and jigsaw puzzle table at Jigsaw Depot. They have an exciting collection of 500-piece and 1000-piece puzzles game and other essential puzzle game accessories such as puzzle boards, puzzle mats, puzzle sorters, and more.

We believe the next time you solve these puzzles, you are definitely going to solve them with a lot more interest and enthusiasm.
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