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Tips and Tricks: How to solve jigsaw puzzles fast? - jigsawdepot

Tips and Tricks: How to solve jigsaw puzzles fast?

Maybe your family like to have group fun by doing puzzles, and now your are heading home for holiday. And before this you may prepare you as a puzzle expert so that you would be worshiped by others. But if you are a new fan of jigsaw puzzles, or your puzzle strategies are not enough to finish the game alone, the following tips and tricks may help you to becomes an expert.

Check for all pieces

Before starting the game, let’s unwrap the box and pour out all the puzzle pieces. Check carefully to see if there is any missing piece, since once you found any piece missing, you may have to fumble in the trash bin to find whether one or more pieces were stuck in the wrapping. If there are letters printed on the back of the puzzles, let all pieces face down.

Sort out the pieces in groups

Sort the pieces with the same letter in groups, or by the similar color or shape or pattern. PS: all pieces on the edge should be grouped together, others in another case.

For instance, you are playing a game of an interesting drawing, which may be a picture of a city, you may sort out the pieces of

  • The brim;
  • The Sky;
  • Buildings;
  • Grass;
  • Trees;

As to the puzzle pieces that may help you with a higher efficiency, you may consider a puzzle plateau with 4 sliding drawers, or a set of 6 or 8 puzzle sorters.

Start your game with the borders

After sorting out the puzzle pieces in groups, you may start your game with assembling the borders. It is a good start since that limits your choices and ensures a high efficiency.


You don’t need to go by such strategy all the time, as it usually works for standard jigsaw puzzle games in rectangular shapes. You may start with the middle part when doing a round shape puzzle, or any part if the puzzle game is in an asymmetrical shape.

Take a break

It is quite impossible to finish a puzzle game of 2,000 pieces in half a day. So there is no need to be frustrated if you are able to complete the game at one time. It may take days when you try a 3,000 pc game. It is normal you feel tired physically and mentally, you may take a break, and store the unfinished game with a puzzle mat or puzzle board. A refreshed mind and good eyes are a good helper to continue the game.


Select a quiet and spacious workplace

Find am ideal platform, like your dinner table, as your workplace. You may also select a portable puzzle mat or jigsaw puzzle table that allows you to move anywhere you like.  Keep all things organized when you finish the game with a mat or board, which ensures you that not a single piece will be left behind.

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