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Can You Get Replacement Jigsaw Pieces?

Can You Get Replacement Jigsaw Pieces?

Amongst the adults, it has been a new trend to play jigsaw puzzles ever since the pandemic. The possibility of playing this game indoors has taken this game to a whole new level. This game was once considered as the hobby of a child but now has turned incredibly popular amongst the adults as well. This has gone to such an extent that, it is been sold now for adults too, all around the world. Jigsaw puzzles are been sold in various forms, materials, sizes, shapes, themes, and numbers as well. Now, even the prints on these puzzles from being the world maps and mere pictures have got changed. The prints on the jigsaw puzzle are now more about authentic paintings and real photographs on a magnificent scale.


Due to this increase in the current obsession with the puzzle, the makers are trying to bring in new additions. You shall find a great novelty and addition in the collection of puzzles now. The themes and complexities of the puzzles have been upgraded. Starting from country land it has progressed to the specimens of the real painting. And the number too has grown from hundreds to thousands.


This is the reason why choosing the appropriate puzzle has become very important. You shall find simple puzzles and complex puzzles too. There are jigsaw puzzle pieces that have 500-600 pieces to assemble. These are the medium-level complex puzzles. There are even puzzles that have a distinct contradiction in their color. This helps you to easily separate the color groups. The complex puzzles are the ones that have 1000 or more pieces. These do not come in color variations.

1000 piece jigsaw puzzles

Amidst the categories of simple and complex puzzles, the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles are surely intimidating. Not only do they consume time to get completed but also, they are a challenge too. Now you must be thinking that how much time shall it take to get completed? Actually, this factor depends on different individuals. If the person plays on a regular basis, then he shall complete it much quicker than a person who plays it occasionally. No doubt a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is the toughest to complete but if you are working as a team you shall complete it quickly. Even the level of difficulty shall be different for different people.

Just to give you an idea, on average it usually takes 3-4 hours to solve this puzzle if you are doing it at a stretch. If you take breaks in between then this shall take much longer to complete. If you research a bit online, you can find many strategies that shall make your work easier. You can take them and implement them with your own experiences to get the best results.

Online jigsaw puzzles for adults

You can certainly find many online jigsaw puzzles for adults. One of which is Jigsaw depot. You can choose a variety of visual themes, like country, vacation, animals, and much more. You can get there ranging between 300 to over 1 million pieces depending on the level puzzle you wish. In their collection of fantastic puzzles, you shall find puzzles for kids and parents as well. The level of client servicing they offers cannot be compared to any other. They are prompt in taking up customer queries and also refresh their collection of puzzles on a regular basis as well.

Puzzles for adults

There are different kinds of puzzles for adults that you may find. Some of them are:


  • 2D and 3D Puzzles

The usual jigsaw puzzles are 2D puzzles. They are the ones that have flat bodies and you put them over flat surfaces to make. And then there are the 3D ones that are a little complex. It is much more challenging to assemble them and takes up space as well.


  • Wooden, Cardboard, and Plastic Puzzles

There are various puzzles that are available in the market based on different types. Traditional or wooden ones are liked by many because they are sturdy, durable, and have classy looks. Cardboard and plastic puzzles are also very much in demand as well due to being reasonable and budget-friendly. They have longevity too if not exposed to harsh conditions.


  • Entertainment and Educational Puzzles

Puzzles can be hobbies and a thing for learning as well for many. The educational puzzles mostly have maps and diagrams printed on them.


  • Puzzles in terms of numbers

This type of puzzle has been differentiated over the number of pieces. In the market, under this category, you shall get from 10 piece to 300 piece puzzles. The puzzle that has 1000 piece are the most popular one because it is complex and has a manageable size.


  • Digital Puzzles

This is a very new addition to the different genres of puzzles. You can play this puzzle digitally and from anywhere and at any time. You can even take multiple sessions to complete it.


  • Handmade Puzzles

Using a lot of skills, effort, and patience, these puzzles are made by hand and so they are special. It is considered elite and is treated as collectibles as well.


  • Custom Puzzles

Here you can customize it by having your preferred image and pattern to it. There are reputed puzzle makers, who shall do it for you using the technology.

  • Miscellaneous

You can choose from a variety of puzzles under this category. The options are huge, from, coloring puzzles, gradient puzzles, and artisan puzzles to many more.


Can you get replacement jigsaw pieces?
If you have lost a piece from the jigsaw set then at first you need to check with a few things. Make sure that the piece has not gotten misplaced somewhere in your house. If you cannot find it in the house then check the puzzle properly and ensure if it is the manufacturer’s defect. You can call up the manufacturer and explain your concern. Ask if there have been any similar complaints from any other customers as well.

At times the manufacturers do miss out on packaging it correctly. There are instances too that some pieces of the puzzle have not got properly printed too. If such is the case then, there are chances that the manufacturer shall replace it for you. If such is not the case the question arises, can you get replacement jigsaw pieces? You can ask them if they can replace you with the missing piece. You can check with their selling policies and see if such an option is available or not. Even though most of the manufacturers never replace any missing piece but you can still ask. They might do it for you charging a small fee in return. Reprinting a single piece and then shipping it does take an unnecessary cost from them. Instead, you can even ask them to send one to you and you shall be paying a price for that. If nothing works out somehow then you can surely make the missing piece on your own.

The process to make a missing puzzle piece
The unfortunate thing about the missing piece of the puzzle is that you shall only know once you reach the end. It indeed feels very disappointing then. But you can try to make the missing piece by watching the picture on the jigsaw puzzle set. Although it may sound easy but, it requires concentration, care, and attention to replicate. A wrongly made piece shall not only make a waste of your energy but also be a misfit as well. so, make sure that you are following the basic steps correctly.


  • Things required

The essential things that you need to make the piece of the puzzle are a craft knife or scissors and a pencil. You shall also need the material of replacement piece, printer, photo paper, tracing paper, tweezer, and glue.


  • Finding the similar material

It is important to find a similar material to the original puzzle. If different material is used then with time, it shows the difference.


  • Tracing out the shape

Take the appropriate measurement of the piece and trace out its shape using a pencil and tracing paper. Make sure it is perfect so that it fits tightly in the slot.


  • Cutting out the piece

Now cut out the piece neatly. Make sure that the edges are perfectly cut too. If the cut is improper then it shall not fit in the slot.


  • Print the photo

Using a scanner scan the picture of the missing portion from the image on the puzzle box. Then take out a print of it using the printer.


  • Paste the photo

Paste the photo using glue on the material that you have shaped out into the missing piece. Using the tweezer gently straighten it so that there are no wrinkles. Clean the edges well and let the glue dry. Then fit it in the missing space. So, this is how you shall make the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. It is the only option to get it replaced if the manufacturer cannot send it.

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