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Where To Buy Puzzles For Adults?

Where To Buy Puzzles For Adults?

Playing jigsaw puzzles is indeed a great indoor activity and a fun game for leisure for both children and adults as well. It is not only interesting but being a very stress-free game, it is incredibly addictive too. The plus side is that it helps to enrich the cognitive functions of both adults and children.

This is such an interesting and beneficial game that, solving the jigsaw puzzle has also become a part of the practice. This game has been referred by doctors as well to improve visuospatial functioning. It is indeed a healthy distraction from everyday stressful life, especially for adults. And it does not require many arrangements to play this game as well. Be it the dining room table or the puzzle mat, it is a perfect space for it.

There are indeed many benefits in putting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together. It helps you to reduce stress and also to improve your memory as well. Practicing mindfulness is an act that brings conscious attention to the task at hand. And putting the jigsaw puzzle together is a perfect way to do so. Now, are you too sensing it to be an interesting activity and wondering where to buy puzzles for adults? Reading further shall give you all the answers that you are looking for.

Jigsaw puzzles for adults

Indeed, the game of jigsaw puzzle is not only an activity for kids alone but the adults to play it. This game too requires attention, focus, and unwavering analytical and logical skills as well. Moreover, putting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle has indeed become an indoor fun game for the adults, especially since the pandemic. These days, jigsaw puzzles for adults are also been sold all over the world be it in stores or in online stores. It has become a much more popular game too. These puzzles are sold in various forms, materials, shapes, numbers, and sizes as well.

If it was the world map or the mere pictures that were printed on the jigsaw puzzles then, it has advanced much more. This obsession with the adults has put the puzzle makers to a test by printing the puzzles having more novel ideas. It has now been modified into authentic paintings and magnificent photographs. The puzzle makers are bringing in many changes to the complexity and the themes of the puzzles. The theme has advanced from the country lands to the real specimens of paintings. And the numbers have been advanced from hundreds to thousands.

There are huge variations to jigsaw puzzles all around the world. Some of them are:

  • 2D and 3D Puzzles

2D puzzles are the usual jigsaw puzzles. They are flat and require a flat surface to assemble. Whereas, 3D puzzles are a bit complex. Since they are 3D in nature so they cannot be arranged over a surface. It consumes a bit of space and is also a little challenging to form.


  • Wooden, Cardboard, and Plastic Puzzles

Based on this list of materials mentioned above, there are different puzzles available. Wooden and traditional puzzles have their own charm and have their own buyers. They are classy, durable, and sturdy. Cardboard and plastic puzzles have recently gained popularity and they are budget-friendly too.

  • Entertainment and Educational Puzzles

Although puzzle enthusiasts play for entertainment only, there are puzzles for educational reasons too. These puzzles mostly have maps and diagrams.

  • Puzzles in terms of numbers

The number of pieces in a puzzle is also a basis of distinction in the puzzles. From 10-piece puzzles to 300-piece puzzles are available. 100 pieces puzzles are the most popular ones due to being less complex and being of manageable size.

  • Digital Puzzles

These are the latest addition and are easily accessible from any part of the world. This puzzle allows you to complete it in multiple sessions. The best advantage is that you can play it anywhere you wish to. You can even play many puzzles at a time as well.


  • Handmade Puzzles

These are considered to be elite. And these puzzles have been made using immense skills, efforts, and patience. It indeed makes collectible possessions as well.

  • Custom Puzzles

Technology advancement has helped puzzle makers to bring customization to puzzles as well. Now you can have the puzzle having the picture and pattern of your choice from reputed puzzle makers.


  • Miscellaneous

Here you can pick up a puzzle from a vast variety. Photo-mosaic puzzles, comic puzzles, black and white puzzles, coloring puzzles, and many more to choose from.

How to choose the puzzle for yourself?

If you choose the high-end complex puzzle, there are chances that it may frustrate you. When you choose the appropriate puzzle, you fall in love with the game more. Try to keep it minimal and simple. Always start with the simple ones and also opt for colorful and brighter ones. The puzzles that are medium complex such as 500-600 pieces to assemble shall be the best ones. As you get used to it you can gradually upgrade yourself and move towards the complex ones of 1000 and above.

1000 piece jigsaw puzzles

Some of the interesting 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles that you shall find in the markets are Christmas Thanksgiving Holiday Jigsaw Puzzle, Kiyomizu Temple 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, Fancy Dinner Pizza Pumpkin Jigsaw Puzzle, and lots more. To solve this puzzle shall depend upon your skill and interest. The 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is indeed tough to solve. You shall find a challenge in it. But also, it depends on the number of people who are solving it. More people can solve it together much more quickly than a single person.

On average, it shall take you from 3-4 hours to solve a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle if you are working at a stretch. But if not then, you can even solve it in installments, which will take a much longer time. Of course, there are different strategies and tricks as well. If you use them then it shall become less challenging and much quicker to solve.

Online jigsaw puzzles for adults

If you are looking for online jigsaw puzzles for adults then you shall find a lot of great online stores. One of them is Jigsaw depot. Here you shall find every type of jigsaw puzzle that shall suit your taste. In their collection, you shall discover a great range of visual themes. Some of which are vacation, country, antique, athletic images, animals, and more. They offer on-sale jigsaw puzzles in the range of 300 to 1 million pieces. They have a huge collection to fit all age groups.

Not only puzzles but you shall even get the puzzle supplies as well. Some of which are jigsaw adhesive, puzzle mats, puzzle conveyors, and many more things. It is a perfect place for children and parents. They also have a huge range of fantastic goods that comes from producers all over the world. Puzzle Jungle ships it all over the world. They have two separate sections, one for the kids and the other for the adults.

The adults can choose from a large variety having 1000 pieces of puzzles and more. You can purchase offline too from here. The client service here is great too. They promptly respond to clients’ queries be it through phone calls, emails, or other specific requirements. They update their collection of puzzles regularly and also their website.

Innovative puzzle ideas
Here you shall find some great puzzles and their accessories to suit the needs of every occasion.

1. Festive Puzzle
Here you shall find a range of puzzles that you can gift according to the festivals. These puzzles are based on the different themes of the festivals.

2. Children’s Drawing Games
These puzzles have vibrant colors and attractive designs as well. They fall under the category of 500 pieces, being a moderately difficult game. It is a perfect option for children and parents as well.

3. Cat’s Eye sockets Puzzle
It is an adorable kitten jigsaw puzzle for all cat lovers.

4. Aegean Sea Jigsaw
This is a great puzzle for all travel enthusiasts.

5. Venice Water City
This is another great puzzle having the traditional city perspective. It has been made on great cardboard and has great prints too. a perfect puzzle to gift to your friends.

They always aim to provide you with a joyful collection of puzzles. The products here if in a short supply can either be repaid or exchanged in accordance with the policy. They even make sure that the picture you see and the quality you get is exact.

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