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How To Move a Puzzle from a Table?

How To Move a Puzzle from a Table?

Puzzles have always been a favorite sport for the global population. Despite cultural, gender, status, and geographical differences, puzzles have always been a common thread that connects people of analytical and logical minds across the world. There are even official associations like The Association for Games and Puzzles International for puzzle enthusiasts along the length and breadth of the globe. This ever-growing popularity and acceptability had changed positively the way in which how puzzles are played and even sold. Puzzle enthusiasts of the present day are equipped with multiple tools and accessories to make the puzzling experience a great and convenient one.

Though puzzle is adored by lion’s share of the population, there are several practical difficulties that accompany a puzzle pieces game. The biggest issue that worries most puzzle enthusiasts across the world is the difficulty in moving the puzzle around. Nowadays, puzzle games have gone bigger and better. Most of them have numerous pieces and occupy a lot of space that is quite difficult to finish in one or two sittings. It often takes multiple sittings and consumes a quite lot of time to finish them efficiently. This is why it is important to make the puzzles be able to carry around or move or wrap up temporarily at an unfinished state. But the sheer size and complexity of the puzzles used to pose difficulties in securely keeping them aside without any pieces going missing. This is when multiple puzzle accessories came into aid.

Multiple puzzle accessories were introduced by puzzle makers around the world. Most of them are addressed towards the particular problem of moving a puzzle from a table. Accessories like puzzle mats, puzzle tables, puzzle sorter trays, puzzle boards, etc. are effective tools that can transfer a puzzle from place to place or even simply move it from a table.

Puzzle Tables

Puzzle tables or jigsaw tables are those tables that are specifically built for the purpose of playing puzzles. They provide a particular space and place for the puzzles to be done, and thus, the players do not come across the need to move the puzzle from where it is being played. As the puzzle tables are designed to fit the needs of the puzzle players, they will be having facilities like storage, table covers, anti-slip surface, raised edges, etc. to ensure an effective and efficient puzzle experience.

Puzzle tables of various dimensions and capacities are available in the market and many of them have quite a lot of customization options available to choose from like drawers, and other storage facilities. There are puzzle enthusiasts who even make puzzle tables on their own from scratch. Making DIY puzzle tables is a popular house project these recent years and all it takes are some wooden planks, nails, glue, and stain for starters.

Puzzle Mats

A puzzle mat is another major accessory or tool which enables the player to effortlessly move a puzzle from a table. It is a movable and foldable soft and thick mat-like surface that can be spread on a table while doing puzzles. You can arrange and assemble the puzzles on the puzzle mat and if you have to move the puzzle before finishing it, you can simply roll it with the arranged puzzle pieces in it. Its construction is in such a way that even if you roll it with an incomplete puzzle, not a single puzzle piece will fall out, and they stay intact. This provides you with the opportunity to effortlessly finish it later.

It can be rolled up like a yoga mat and this design causes it to consume comparatively less space. It is also quite mobile and travel-friendly. You can carry it around wherever you go and this enables you to enjoy the puzzling experience in any part of the world. Although it seems like it cannot carry much around, there are puzzle mats available in the market that can easily carry more than 2000 pieces of a puzzle.

Puzzle Boards

A puzzle board is a basic accessory that addresses the problem of moving puzzles. It is quite popular among puzzle enthusiasts across the world. Jigsaw puzzles for adults are quite big and complex in nature, and it often takes quite a time to finish one efficiently. Puzzle boards provide a place and space for puzzle enthusiasts to play their games. They can simply put the board on any table or floor they want, and once you are done with a session, you can simply move the puzzle from the table along with the board.

These are durable solid surfaces made of various materials that ensure enough sturdiness when you move the puzzle. Different versions of puzzle boards include puzzle boards with covers, portable puzzle boards, waterproof puzzle boards, puzzle boards with drawers, etc. All these versions are available in the market for reasonable prices and multiple colors and patterns. If you are more into making your version of it, you can always try making them at home. These are hands down, one of the must-haves that all puzzle enthusiasts have to keep with.

Puzzle Sorter Trays

Another puzzle accessory that is rising to popularity in recent years is a puzzle sorter tray. This came into existence once the bigger puzzles gained popularity. Puzzles with numerous pieces are so difficult to assemble and store. With puzzle sorter trays, this problem can be lightened. Puzzle trays are, as their name itself suggests, trays that are stacked above one by one, have lids, and are built in various shapes to store and assemble puzzles.

These lightweight trays are quite easy to carry around and this portability is the unique selling point of it. Even though the trays are stacked over one another, they are all removable. When you are planning to play a puzzle, you can simply remove the trays and arrange them next to each other and then assemble the puzzles on them. This helps you in such a way that when you have to leave the session midway, you can simply stack them all back together, cover them up, and simply take them along with you.

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