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How to clean puzzle mats?

A jigsaw puzzle mat certainly makes a great tool for keeping your work secure. While solving a puzzle can seem like an engaging task, solving a big puzzle or a difficult one can take days instead of hours. Taking a break to carry on with other activities in your life becomes a necessity in such a situation. This is when a portable or a roll-up puzzle mat can make a difference.

What is a puzzle mat and why use one?

A puzzle mat is basically a fantastic accessory, that makes it possible for any jigsaw puzzle player to roll off his puzzle anytime anywhere. It makes it possible for the player to roll up the puzzle along with all the puzzle pieces without causing any harm. In simple words, a puzzle mat, be it a roll-up or a portable puzzle mat will keep the jigsaw puzzle safe, together, and secure when you are not playing or are on a break.

All the jigsaw storage puzzle mats are manufactured from various materials such as rubber, felt, and plastic. The usage and safety of the materials differ from each other. However, the roll-up puzzle mat is one of the most common as well as the most popular kinds of puzzle mats.

The roll-up puzzle mat is quite convenient to use. All a player would have to do is lay the puzzle roll-up mat on the surface where you play the puzzle or work. Then, play or build the jigsaw puzzle over the mat top itself.

Then, whenever you feel the urge of taking a break, be it for minutes, hours, or days. All you will have to do is simply roll the mat up along with all the puzzle pieces intact. When you are ready to get back to the puzzle, you would simply have to roll it back out. And, voila! There you have it! Your jigsaw puzzle is fully intact, waiting for you to play once again with the same passion and enthusiasm.

How to clean a jigsaw puzzle mat?

Carefully cleaning a jigsaw puzzle mat is not very difficult. However, cleaning a jigsaw puzzle mat on a regular basis can help all the puzzle enthusiasts enjoy playing puzzles for the years to come. Why? Because a flooring that has been poorly cared for can result in exposing the puzzle mat to harsh temperatures, chemicals, warp, and also quickly deteriorate the quality of the mat.

However, here is the right way not only how to clean the jigsaw puzzle mat but also how to keep it neat, clean, and tidy always.

Simply mix PH neutral and gentle cleaning solution along with warm water. You could consult with any reputed cleaning materials supplier for the same. Why? Because there are numerous neutral PH detergents that exist in order to effectively clean and reduce bacteria.

Then, you could simply dip a mop inside this cleaning solution or liquid. After that, you would have to try to wring out all the water. This would leave out only a damp mop in the end.

You can only use a bottle, a mist spray bottle to be more specific. You would simply have to fill up the bottle with the solution you have made for cleaning all the jigsaw puzzle roll-up mats. You could spray a minimal amount on the mat, mop dry, and clean the mat without having to worry about over soaking them.

After you have done cleaning it with the cleaning solution, you could wipe it using a microfibre cloth in order to dry it as quickly as possible.

How to clean a felt puzzle mat?
If you own a felt puzzle mat, then don’t worry. No doubt the felt puzzle mat can be difficult to clean. However, without proper care, the felt mat might fuzz, pill, or even shrink. So, spot cleaning all the necessary dirty areas of the mat would make a wise decision. And, in case the felt mat is way too dirty, then washing the mat with hands or getting it washed from a dry cleaner would be the right choice. If you are planning to wash the felt mat yourself, then make sure to use the gentlest of detergents to avoid causing damage to it.

Puzzle mats immensely enhance the whole experience of playing a puzzle in today’s date. Once the puzzle mat has been rolled up, there is no chance for even a single puzzle piece to slip off of it.

The felt material present in the roll-up puzzle mats can easily store up to a 2,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Good quality felt puzzle mat comes with a great grip too. With some surprising constructive rolling tubes making them the perfect match for transporting all kinds of jigsaw puzzles.

What are jigsaw puzzle mats good for?

A puzzle jigsaw mat is very soft and comes with a cushiony surface. You can use a puzzle roll-up mat to join as well as place the puzzle pieces. In case you have been looking for a break and feel the need to place your unfinished puzzle in a secure place, then the best jigsaw puzzle mats can be the ultimate solution for you. Components such as an inflatable tube, an elastic storage band, and a hand pump further enhance their benefits.

Can you use yoga mats as puzzle mats?

No matter how useful a puzzle mat might seem, there is no denying the fact that a puzzle mat can turn out to be a pretty expensive solution. But a yoga mat surely seems to be a reasonable alternative to this expensive option. However, the player would have to be pretty careful while rolling up the puzzles tightly and also securing the puzzle with the help of a strap that comes with a yoga mat. The player will also have to be extremely careful while rolling this mat out.

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