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Are Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Up Mats Any Good?

Have you been skeptical about whether or not you should invest in a roll-up mat? Then, read this article to know all about whether or not jigsaw puzzle mats are any good!

What really is a puzzle mat and its use?

A puzzle mat is a mat that comes with a pretty soft and cushiony surface. You can use this puzzle mat to join as well as place the puzzle pieces in one place.

A puzzle mat or a puzzle mat roll up, as you prefer to call it, makes the perfect spot to place an unfinished or incomplete jigsaw puzzle. The inflatable tubes, elastic bands for storing the puzzle pieces in place, and a hand pump present in the puzzle mat play a significant role in keeping even a puzzle as large as a 2000-piece puzzle intact.

Using a jigsaw puzzle mat is one of the best ways to secure any pending puzzles whenever the player urges to have a rejuvenating break for a while.

The jigsaw puzzle mats are also popularly known as roll-up mats, puzzle storage mats, puzzle saver mats, foam puzzle mats, portal puzzles, portable puzzle mats, etc. They are available in various materials such as plastic puzzle mats, rubber roll-up mats, felt puzzle mats, etc.

Is a puzzle mat any good?

A puzzle mat is certainly a great accessory used to work on the toughest jigsaw puzzles. No matter what the puzzle size or the number of puzzle pieces, a carefully purchased and good-sized jigsaw puzzle can be a lot of good for any passionate and enthusiastic puzzle solver.

The puzzle solver can easily put together the jigsaw puzzle on the jigsaw mat itself. Then, he can simply roll the mat up as per his convenience or interest to solve or not solve the puzzle. He can then simply store the mat up as long as he wants to be on a break from solving the puzzle. Because the puzzle mat would give him the leverage to leave it partly finished for as long as he wants. Rather than leaving it unfinished or partly finished on a table with the tentative risk of having to solve it all over in case any accident occurs.

puzzle roll up mat for 1500 Piece Puzzle

How can you move a jigsaw puzzle while it is still in progress?

Moving a jigsaw puzzle while it is still being solved or is in progress is possible with the help of the popular puzzle accessory, the jigsaw puzzle saver mat. The puzzle saver mat, or to simply put it, the puzzle mat is one useful tool to not only store but also move a puzzle that is still in progress.

The player can simply put or solve the puzzle on the puzzle’s mat large surface, then the map can be simply rolled up along with sandwiching the jigsaw puzzle within the mat.

What’s better: A puzzle mat or a puzzle board?

A puzzle board is a board that aims to provide a stable as well as a hard surface to a puzzle. There are many puzzle boards available such as a puzzle board for a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. These puzzle boards can make a great source of transportation no matter what the progress of the puzzle might be. For instance, the puzzle player can use a puzzle board to transport the puzzle from the coffee table to the dining table at home. What more? Some puzzle boards even come packed with little drawers to help the jigsaw players keep their puzzles safe and intact.

While a puzzle board is also a useful accessory for keeping a puzzle game in progress intact, a puzzle mat makes it even easier to store puzzles away in comparison to a puzzle board. They are definitely the best choice to store puzzles because of their flexible surface. Why? Because the flexible surface would ensure that all the jigsaw puzzle pieces have been rolled up exactly in place. And, they could also be easily rolled out when the player is ready to conquer the jigsaw puzzle once and for all.

How to keep a jigsaw puzzle in place while it is still in progress?

Keeping a puzzle intact while the player is still working on them is one of the biggest problems faced by most of the players. However, here are a few great ways in which a player can rightfully store the jigsaw puzzles for future use. These are as follows:

  • • Storing the puzzle in a quality jigsaw roll-up mat.
  • • Using an affordably priced jigsaw puzzle board
  • • Keeping a table strictly for jigsaw crafts and puzzling only
  • • Placing all the jigsaw puzzles carefully in a sorting tray
  • • Using the box of the jigsaw puzzles to keep all the puzzle pieces safe and intact

Can you use a yoga mat in place of a jigsaw puzzle mat?

Getting a puzzle mat to store your unfinished jigsaw puzzle is not really a pocket-friendly option for everyone. However, an old yoga mat would easily make a great alternative that can be used in place of a puzzle mat. All the player will have to focus on is completing the puzzle in the center of the yoga mat. Once the player has decided to take a break from the puzzle, he can simply roll it up, secure the mat with a strap, and keep it somewhere safe until the next time they wish to solve the puzzle by rolling it out.

How to protect an unfinished jigsaw puzzle?

If you have been worried about how to protect an unfinished puzzle, then getting a puzzle mat from a genuine and authentic jigsaw puzzle manufacturer would make a wise decision. However, if you feel that purchasing a puzzle saver mat might make a costly affair, then we would suggest you rest the puzzle in a place that is completely free from any kind of activity. Alternately, you could also go for using a large as well as a heavy piece of paper, a towel, a folder sheet, or even an old yoga mat that could cover up a large surface of the jigsaw puzzle.

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