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Are Wooden Puzzles Better Than Cardboard?

Are Wooden Puzzles Better Than Cardboard?

People across the world love playing jigsaw puzzles for adults. With over 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles and 1500-piece jigsaw puzzles available out there, the tastes of jigsaw lovers have certainly transformed over the years. But one question that most jigsaw puzzle players often wonder about is, “Are wooden puzzles better than cardboard puzzles or not?”

So, in this article, we will be highlighting a few details on both, wooden and cardboard jigsaw puzzles to help you decide what would make the best choice for you.

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles – History

Back in time, when jigsaw puzzles first came into the market, wooden jigsaw puzzles were more commonplace. At that time, bespoke craftsmen and their individuality made the watchwords of the day. But, in the present-day, wooden puzzles make an expensive affair. And, the cardboard version of puzzles for adults can be manufactured in bulks with utmost ease and convenience.

Although wooden jigsaw puzzles offer a more traditional kind of a look and make a top buying priority for most jigsaw puzzle lovers and enthusiasts, the high prices of these 1000 piece puzzles amongst other jigsaw puzzle range often make them buy the cardboard version.

Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzles & Their Growing Popularity

In today’s era, most jigsaw puzzle manufacturers aim to offer much more appealing substitutes for wooden puzzles. In comparison, they offer a great number of jigsaw puzzles for adults manufactured from cardboard at pocket-friendly prices.

Cardboard jigsaw puzzles are also cheaper and easier for the manufacturer. They can be easily framed and glued together without any puzzle size limitations unlike in the case of wooden jigsaw puzzles. The great quality of 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles offered by reputed jigsaw puzzle manufacturers such as make some of the most sought after modern-day 1000 piece puzzles amongst other puzzle piece ranges.

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Vs. Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzles

Cardboard puzzles are one classic material used to make some of the most popular jigsaw puzzles in the 21st century. Cardboard puzzles are still are cheapest puzzles to buy. One can simply print images on a quality cardboard material and cut them into jigsaw puzzle pieces. They are extremely lightweight, easier to put together, and made of eco-friendly material rather than plastic or wood.

Wooden jigsaw puzzles, on the other hand, are the original jigsaw puzzles. They are no less than a bundle of joy for true jigsaw puzzle collectors. They cannot be easily found at any regular store. The wooden jigsaw puzzles are heavy and are extremely hut to cut or make.

Nevertheless, wooden jigsaw puzzles make the best pick for children that love to play with jigsaw puzzles. Why? Because the wooden pieces of the puzzle cannot be broken easily. The wooden puzzle pieces are pleasant to hold, large in size, colorful, fun, and safe for children to play with.

If you have a family member or someone who does woodwork around you, then you can ask him to make jigsaw puzzle pieces for you. They would certainly make a wonderful handmade gift, a one-of-a-kind gift for sure.

Many amazing jigsaw puzzle brands offer both wooden and cardboard jigsaw puzzles out there. You can go ahead and buy the ones that match your buying habits the best.

Best Surface For Playing Wooden & Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzles

One’s kitchen table is undoubtedly one of the best surfaces to play wooden or cardboard jigsaw puzzles. It makes an excellent and convenient place to assemble 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles. However, the kitchen surely is not one of the perfect places for having an adventurous jigsaw puzzle night. You can also look for another flat surface or a cardboard table that is away from all the commotion and would not be disturbed. The size of a wooden or cardboard jigsaw puzzle will help you select the best surface option indeed.


Both wooden and cardboard jigsaw puzzles come with their own unique selling points and benefits. While wooden jigsaw puzzles add a more premium feel to the puzzle-solving, the cardboard jigsaw puzzles are available in a wide variety and at affordable prices. The final decision of which of the two you should buy will depend on your personal preference more.

Are wooden puzzles better?

If we have a look at jigsaw puzzles from a historical perspective, then wooden puzzles are definitely older. Handmade wooden jigsaw puzzles are even more traditional because craftsmanship surely adds more value to them. Although wooden puzzles are expensive, they offer quality that lasts for generations to come.

What is the best material for making jigsaw puzzles?

One of the most conventional materials used for making jigsaw puzzles for adults is cardboard. The two most high-quality cardboard materials available out there are professional cardboard and Eska premium cardboard material. However, the wooden jigsaw puzzles are made from the highest-quality material to offer a premium feel to the buyer.

How thick are wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces?

The thickness of the wooden jigsaw puzzles is approximately 2mm. This is to ensure that the jigsaw puzzles do not buckle very quickly and also interlock better. The different shapes of wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces also show the quality of the wooden puzzle pieces. Many different shapes of wooden jigsaw puzzles mean that it is a better quality jigsaw puzzle.

What are wooden jigsaw puzzles mostly made of?

Most the wooden jigsaw puzzles are made of hand-cut wood by using a scroll saw. The wood for making the jigsaw puzzles is usually ¼” thick.

How are wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces cut?

The original pieces of wood used to be cut with jigsaws or scroll saws. The wooden jigsaw puzzles were then custom-made. The wooden jigsaw puzzles are still made the same way even to this very day. These scroll saws consist of a vertical blade that can move up and down from a horizontal table that is fixed. Then, the puzzle sheet is usually guided by the blade to cut the desired pieces of the puzzle.

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