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What To Use for Puzzle Sorter Pieces?

What To Use for Puzzle Sorter Pieces?

Playing is no child’s play. It demands focus, attention, and unwavering logical and analytical skills from the player. All these essential features of it make puzzles one of the most sought-after indoor games globally. The convenience, thrill, and entertainment that a puzzle provides are incomparable. Each time a puzzle piece fits into its right place, the puzzle solver experiences a mild adrenaline rush, which betters brain development and increases the production of happy hormones. This feature of happiness and relaxation provided by puzzles makes it a crowd’s favorite even among Alzheimer’s patients.


The popularity that was gradually earned by puzzles in recent years made puzzle sellers think of innovative inventions to further ease up and enjoy the experience of puzzle solving. And their constant ponders did give birth to a set of puzzle accessories that claim to assist and detangle the complications that may arise during solving a puzzle. Several such inventions are the puzzle roll-up mats, puzzle tables, etc. But one of the most requested and needed inventions was that of a puzzle sorter.

Puzzles, as the increase in the number of pieces, have an increased level of complexity. When you play a puzzle of more than 1000 pieces, things are bound to get chaotic and messy. You’ll soon lose control of the organization. This is when and why you need a puzzle sorter tray. They can help you through such situations and make puzzle-solving an uncomplicated experience.

What exactly does a puzzle sorter do?

Puzzle sorter trays are simply stackable trays of various capacities which can keep a good number of puzzle pieces in them. You can keep your puzzle pieces in separate pockets of the tray and solve them in a well-organized manner. Puzzle sorter trays are available in various sizes, shapes, capacities, and colors. Once you choose the size of the puzzles that you need to play with, you can choose a puzzle tray accordingly.

These are lightweight trays that make sure that the customers can carry them along with them at their convenience. These are quite compact, and thus very travel-friendly. With the help of these trays, you can play the puzzles anywhere without any hassle or chaos. They are available in various capacities, and there are several trays in the market that can hold up to 2000 puzzle pieces.

With puzzle trays, you can completely get rid of the fear of losing pieces of puzzles when you are transferring or transporting them from one place to another. They safely store the puzzle pieces intact, and their closing covers particularly serve this purpose.

When you buy the puzzle trays, they come in a box unassembled. But it is extremely easy to assemble them using the user’s manual. This easiness to use is another highlight of them.

There are various puzzle sellers in the market from which you can buy authentic, quality puzzle sorter trays for a reasonable price. Sellers like Jigsaw depot offers an extra discount too on their puzzle sorter trays. Customers can choose from multiple colors and shapes according to their taste.

Things to keep in mind when you buy a puzzle tray

While buying a puzzle sorter tray, there are several things that the customers should be vigilant enough to look for. The first one is the affordability of the tray. It should always keep in mind that a reasonably priced tray is the best one rather than going for the expensive options. There are multiple sellers who are very particular about providing their customers with reasonably priced products.


Another important criterion is the durability of the tray. As the chances are high for the puzzle tray to get used so much and to get handled by multiple persons, durability is a must. Look for the material in which the tray is made and ensure that it will essentially stand the test of time.

Being able to stack well is another important thing to consider when you buy a puzzle sorter tray. Some trays may stack perfectly without any puzzle pieces in them. But a good and functional puzzle sorter tray is something that stacks well with or without the puzzle pieces. Look for any gaps or holes or space between the trays when they are stacked. Also, check whether they are interlocked while stacking, because otherwise, the puzzle pieces may fall out. So always check the stackability of the sorter tray prior to your purchase.

Cleaning a sorter tray is extremely important to maintain the condition of both the tray and the puzzle. So, cleanability is something of paramount importance when you choose and buy a particular sorter tray. As the jigsaw puzzle trays are stacked up usually, chances are high for dust and other dirt to get accumulated in the tray pockets. So, a well-conceived sorter tray should be easy enough to remove each of its pockets and clean it separately. The cleanability of the material with which the trays are made, the easiness in removal and reassembling, etc. should be duly noted during your purchase.


Usability is another criterion that should be checked appropriately before buying a sorter tray. Puzzles are generally a family and social game. So, it could be played by people of any age group at any place. So, it is important to look for whether it is convenient enough to use irrespective of the person or the place in which it is getting used. Also, you should check whether it will be convenient to store in a compact space. It should also be lightweight so that it can be conveniently carried around.

Choosing the design and color of the tray is also important. Always try to pick colors that offer maximum contrast to your puzzle pieces so that it will be easy for you to identify the puzzle pieces and solve them in a contrasting background. When it comes to design, choose designs that enable the tray set to interlock with each other when unstacked. There are several sorter trays in a circular shape, but chances are high for them to not get stacked appropriately. A hexagonal shape is the most popular one, but there are many more too.

In short, buying a puzzle sorter tray is an intelligent investment if you are an avid puzzle player or a puzzle enthusiast. Research and choose well before making such an investment. Always approach a reputed and responsible seller to buy your puzzle accessories from.

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