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How to store puzzles in progress?

How to store puzzles in progress?

Puzzles are a popular pastime for young and old alike. Whether it's jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles or Sudoku, they all offer the perfect opportunity for relaxation and mental stimulation. But what to do when you need to take a break from your puzzle journey? How can you store the puzzles in progress without losing your hard work? In this article, we'll explore various methods and techniques for efficiently storing puzzles in progress, ensuring that your puzzles stay organized and protected until you're ready to continue.


How do I store an in-progress puzzle?

When you're in the middle of a puzzle and need to put it on hold for a while, you want to make sure your progress stays intact. Here are some practical steps for storing a puzzle in progress:

  • Use a jigsaw puzzle mat: A jigsaw puzzle mat is a great tool for storing in-progress puzzles. It allows you to roll up the puzzle along with the mat and secure it with straps or ties. This method will hold all pieces in place and prevent any accidental damage.

  • Transfer to puzzle boards: If you prefer a more traditional method, consider using puzzle boards. These boards are usually made of felt or fabric and provide a flat work surface. When you need to store a puzzle, simply slide the board into a puzzle storage box or under your bed.

  • Secure with puzzle glue: Another way to store a puzzle in progress is to use puzzle glue or tape to put the pieces together. This method permanently holds the puzzle together, allowing you to frame it or display it as a decorative piece. Make sure to apply the glue evenly and allow it to dry completely before moving or storing the puzzle.

  • Use self-sealing bags: If you're looking for an easy and affordable solution, try using self-sealing bags. Divide the puzzle pieces into smaller, manageable pieces and place them in individual bags. You can then store these bags in larger containers or puzzle storage boxes. Label the bags so you can easily identify the individual pieces later.

  • Invest in puzzle racks: Puzzle racks are specially designed storage solutions that provide compartments to organize your puzzles. They usually come with sorting trays and can hold a variety of puzzle sizes. Puzzle trays are ideal if you often work with multiple puzzles at once.

  • Consider Puzzle Roll-Ups: Puzzle Roll-Ups are a portable and convenient option for storing puzzles in progress. These roll-up pads are made of felt or fabric and have a cylindrical tube for easy storage. After rolling up the puzzle, secure it with the provided straps and store it in a closet or any other suitable space.


FAQs About Storing Puzzles in Progress

1.Can I store the puzzle without a mat or board?

Absolutely! While puzzle mats or puzzle boards are highly recommended for optimal organization and protection, you can still use other methods to store puzzles in progress. Self-sealing bags, puzzle bags, or even a flat surface covered with a clean cloth or cardboard can all be used as a temporary solution.


2.How can I prevent puzzle pieces from getting mixed up when storing?

To prevent puzzle pieces from getting mixed up, it is crucial to organize them correctly. Sorting trays or compartments in puzzle trays help separate the different pieces. In addition, labeling self-sealing bags or using smaller containers for specific puzzle sections can ensure that puzzles stay organized and easily identified.


3.Can I store multiple puzzles in progress at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to store multiple puzzles in progress at the same time. Puzzle shelves with multiple compartments or separate puzzle storage boxes for each puzzle are effective ways to keep them organized. Remember to label and store specific puzzles in a way that makes them easily accessible!


4.What if I don't have enough space to store my puzzles?

If you are strapped for storage space, you can try some creative solutions:

  • Use puzzle stackers: Puzzle stackers are specially designed shelves that allow you to stack your puzzles together. They help maximize vertical space and keep your puzzles organized. Jigsaw stackers are especially useful for flat puzzles, which can be easily stacked without damaging the completed pieces.


  • Rotating Puzzles: If you like puzzles but don't have enough space to store them all, consider rotating them. Complete a puzzle, disassemble it, store it, and move on to the next one. This way, you can enjoy different puzzles without cluttering up your storage area.


  • Donate or give away completed puzzles: If you find that space is limited and completed puzzles are taking up valuable space, consider donating or giving them to friends, family or your local community center. Sharing the fun of puzzles while freeing up space is a win-win situation for everyone.



Storing a puzzle in progress doesn't have to be a challenge. By using puzzle mats, puzzle boards, puzzle glue, self-sealing bags, puzzle trays or roll-up pads, you can easily organize and protect your puzzles until you are ready to continue. Remember to label and categorize your puzzles to avoid confusion and mix-ups. If storage space is limited, consider using a puzzle stacker or rotating puzzles to make the most of the available area. Don't be afraid to get creative and find the solution that best suits your needs. Now you can enjoy your puzzle solving journey without worrying about losing progress.

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