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How Does a Roll-Up Puzzle Mat Work?

How Does a Roll-Up Puzzle Mat Work?

Puzzles are one of the best exercise games for the mind. Studies have proven that puzzles are extremely useful in sharpening the analytical and logical skills of the human brain. It is this nature and the budget-friendly nature of the puzzles that make it one of the most popular indoor activities across the globe. Puzzles are extremely flexible that they can be played anywhere with or without any companions. Serious puzzle players often explore the newest additions to the puzzle world. They are also interested in the various accessories that make playing puzzles more convenient. One such piece of equipment is the roll-up puzzle mat, which is made with the intention to make puzzle playing much more comfortable and convenient.

Puzzle Mat: What and Why?

A puzzle mat may or may not be something that you’ve heard before. It is a mat very similar to yoga mats with a cushioned surface. The soft surface of the puzzle mat is good at keeping the puzzle pieces in their original place, which makes it convenient to transfer a puzzle on a puzzle mat to another place. They can also be used as a platform to arrange and finish your puzzles. Once you finish your puzzle, you can roll the puzzle mat with the puzzle in its center and transport them anywhere. Even half-finished puzzles sit well inside a puzzle mat, which makes it a crowd favorite. Puzzle enthusiasts who are avid travelers are the ones who can make the most out of puzzle mats, as this invention enables them to carry their favorite puzzles along with them without consuming much space.

The working of a puzzle mat is quite simple. They have aerated, inflatable tubes which provide a cushion-like surface for the mat, and the handheld air pump provided with the puzzle mat can be used to fill them accordingly. They also have elastic bands to tighten or loosen the puzzle mat according to the player’s needs. The bands also make sure that the puzzle pieces are staying intact. An average puzzle mat can contain more than 2000 pieces of a puzzle. There are many others that are of small and bigger capacities. Customers can pick them up according to their needs.

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The most important highlight of a puzzle mat is that it can carry an unfinished puzzle without jeopardizing its pieces. This quality makes it the best companion for people who are into playing larger puzzles. In this fast world, it might not be easy to have the time to finish off a bigger puzzle in one stretch of time. So, puzzle mats are the best assistance when you want to take multiple breaks or travel while playing a larger puzzle. It saves you from the difficulty to leave an unfinished puzzle on a tabletop or the difficulty to start all over after a long break.

These mats are compact and thus are perfectly travel-friendly. While rolling them up, the pieces get layered between the layers of the mat, keeping them under a pressure and thereby keeping them intact. Its soft and cushioned surface makes sure that the puzzle pieces are not getting damaged in any way. Once it is rolled, it can be secured in the position with the strap attached and can then unroll whenever necessary. They are available in various materials. There are puzzle mats made of plastic, rubber, felt, etc. They are also known as roll-up mats, portable puzzle mats, puzzle saver mats, etc.

There are various patterns and kinds of roll-up puzzle mats to choose from in the market. Being one of the most sought-after products by puzzle enthusiasts, many puzzle makers provide puzzle mats to seekers. But it is extremely important to buy the perfect puzzle mats from a genuine seller, as a low-quality one may totally disappoint you with the performance. Puzzle mats are generally sold in a quite expensive price range and customers should be vigilant enough to not get wronged by the seller.

There are many puzzle enthusiasts who try to make puzzle mats at home using homely resources. You can use a yoga mat as the simplest version of a puzzle mat, but make sure that the puzzle falls exactly at the center of the mat. A low-quality puzzle mat can be made using thick layers of clothes, paper, and cardboard. But these might not be as flexible and sturdy and comfortable as the original ones and thus it is always preferable to buy and use an authentic roll-up puzzle mat.

How to take care of a puzzle mat?

The storage and cleaning of a puzzle mat are of paramount importance as they are often exposed to various conditions and surroundings. Being an expensive purchase, it is not that easy to repeatedly buy puzzle mats without any discretion. So, the guidelines to clean and store a puzzle mat should be duly noted by the purchaser. It is always preferable to avoid rough usage and handling of the puzzle mats. Avoid harsh temperatures, exposure to too much water, etc. while using a puzzle mat.

It is advised to clean the puzzle mats using a mixture of a gentle and neutral cleaning solution and lukewarm water. Make sure not to pour the mixture into the mat. Just damp a mild cloth with this solution and wipe the roll-up puzzle mat with the cloth. Always make sure that you are not over-soaking or leaving the mat with dripping water. Wipe it dry once you finish cleaning. Microfiber cloth is mostly suggested to wipe the mat, but you can use any gentle cloth or cotton for emergencies.

In case the puzzle mat is made of felt material, the cleaning procedure is entirely different. Felt is such a delicate material that shrinks when exposed to water. So, it is preferred to spot clean a felt puzzle mat and wipe out the spots of dirt with the cleaning solution to avoid any kind of shrinkage.

In brief, a roll-up puzzle mat is something that is extremely beneficial to an avid puzzle player. It provides a convenient and comfortable experience while playing larger puzzles. The only drawback is the expensive nature of the mats available in the market. But if cared for appropriately, a puzzle mat is worthy of the hefty price, and it is an investment if you are very passionate about puzzles.

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