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Puzzle Saver Mat Roll Up for 2000 Pieces with Drawstring Closure Storage Bag

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  • 2000 PC Puzzle Mat - Lavievert 2000 pc puzzle mat accommodates most 2000 pc jigsaw puzzle games. Processed out of high quality felt fabric, it ensures no crease pops up during your game. Smooth fabric makes it easy to not only move puzzle pieces but also clean the debris.

  • Enclosed Inflatable Tube - An inflatable tube is enclosed for rolling up the puzzle mat and preventing creases caused by unnecessary folding. Also equipped with an inflatable tube and a hand pump for easily inflating the tube. 3 elastic bands are also enclosed for fastening and immobilizing the mat and the tube to prevent puzzle pieces from falling out and missing.
          Puzzle Saver Mat Roll Up for 2000 Pieces
  • Storage Bag - An extra storage bag is enclosed for securing the rolled up mat fastened by elastic bands and protecting puzzle pieces against dust, stains, and moisture. Meanwhile the storage bag also ensures easy distinguishing of and access to your puzzle game.
         Puzzle Saver Mat Roll Up for 2000 Pieces
  • Easy Operations - Just spread out the puzzle mat on a flat surface, then you may start enjoying your puzzle fun. If you want to pause and save the puzzle game, place the inflated tube at either end of the mat, then roll up the mat with even pressure. Don’t forget to fasten the roll with the enclosed elastic bands before putting it into the storage bag.
Puzzle Saver Mat Roll Up for 2000 Pieces
  • Package Contents - Felt mat × 1, hand pump × 1, inflatable tube × 1, elastic band × 3, storage bag × 1. Exquisite packaging makes it a perfect gift choice for all ages on Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, and other special days. Please note that package includes no jigsaw puzzles.
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