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Felt Mat with Unique Frame Line Design Up to 1,500 Pieces - jigsawdepot
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Puzzle Pads Puzzle Mat Roll Up With Unique Frame Line Design Up To 1,500 Pieces

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Becko Jigsaw Mat Roll Up With Unique Auxiliary Line, Puzzle Mat Design With Hand Pump, Mat For Jigsaw Puzzles With Drawstring Storage Bag For Up To 1500 Pieces, Easy To Store Unfinished Puzzle Pieces, Great Gift Choice For Friends&Family.

  • Unique Dimension Line Design - The mat is printed with dimension lines for puzzles of varied sizes. Especially convenient for the elderly and young who need higher efficiency. Measures 118 × 66cm (46 × 26in), holds up to 1,500 jigsaw puzzles and brings you tons of fun.

  • Unique Anti-leaking Design - Our tube is specially designed with an anti-leaking slit which allows it to last longer than other tubes in the market when inflated. Please squeeze the valve with your fingers to open the slit and insert the tip of the hand pump to inflate the tube.

  • Practical Accessories - Roll it up with an inflatable tube when you finish the game or want to save the unfinished game. Two elastic bands are enclosed for fastening both ends of the roll for further security and a hand pump for easy inflation of the tube, as well as some other inflatable items like balloons, pool floats by switching to the gas needle inside the cap.

  • Enclosed Storage Bag - A non-woven bag is enclosed for storing the rolled-up mat and hanging up wherever you want. Write down your name on the card and put it in the clear slot to distinguish it from others.

  • Package Contents - felt mat with dimension lines × 1, inflatable tube × 1, hand pump x 1, elastic band × 2, non-woven storage bag × 1, colorful gift box × 1. The exquisite package makes it the best gift for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. Please note package includes no jigsaw puzzles.


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