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2mm Thick Neoprene Double-Sided Black & Khaki Puzzle Roll Mat

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  • Large Capacity - Lavievert neoprene puzzle mat measures 46” × 26” and holds up to 1,500 puzzle pieces. The smooth fabric ensures no crease and easy moves of puzzle pieces and makes it easy to clean debris and dust.

  • Double-sided Design - Our puzzle mat features a double-sided design: black side and khaki side. Both sides are available to choose from to better distinguish from your puzzles according to the theme color of your game and to add fun by making the game easier.

  • Unique Cylinder Structure - Package comes with 6 plastic cylinders for sorting and storing puzzle pieces. All 6 cylinders may hold up to 1,500 puzzle pieces of 1.8 mm thick.

  • Easy to Use - Just spread out the mat on a flat surface and you may start your puzzle fun. If you need to save the unfinished game, please connect the cylinders and form a tube. Place the tube on one side of the mat, roll up the mat together with the puzzle pieces by applying even pressure, and secure both ends and the middle of the roll with the 3 enclosed elastic bands.

  • Package Includes - Puzzle mat × 1, elastic band × 3, non-woven bag × 1, blue plastic cylinder × 6, blue plastic lid × 1. Please note that package comes with no puzzles.
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