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Stackable Puzzle Sorting TraysUp to 1500 Pieces, 8 Hexagonal Tray

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  • Prominent Black Trays - Becko jigsaw puzzle sorting trays are made from high-quality ABS material, sturdy and durable enough to guarantee a long service life. Black trays in obvious contrast with most colorful puzzles, which help you quickly find the puzzle pieces you need. Puzzle games will be made easier and funnier. Definitely an indispensable helping hand for puzzle enthusiasts.

  • 8 Stackable Sorting Trays - Sort the puzzle pieces in different groups in accordance with shape, color or pattern, then store the sorted puzzle pieces in dedicated trays. This can enormously improve the efficiency of your games. If you want to pause the game, just stack up the trays and put them aside to save space.

  • Enclosed Clear Lid - A clear lid is enclosed for a good look, as well as to keep your puzzles from dust and moisture. Put the trays away in the closet or on the shelf to prevent being messed up by your naughty pets.

  • Applies To 1500pc Puzzles - Package includes 8 sorters and a clear lid. Each sorter measures 9.4 × 8.2 × 0.7 inches. The whole set applies to puzzle games of up to 1,500 pieces. Sorting, matching, splicing, each step is just for making the game easier and more efficient. You can also work with your friends or family to have group fun.

  • Ideal Choice For Gifting - Becko’s puzzle sorters are packaged in an exquisite colorful box, which makes it an ideal gift choice for yourself, your family, or your friends who love puzzles.
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